Interpersonal skills L1
Interpersonal skills L1

Interpersonal skills L1

I have done several studies on #Interpersonalskills over the past 3 decades of my professional career in the #Pharmaceuticalindustry and in my #consulting practice of a couple of decades. My learnings and observations must be recorded as this is going to be a learning that we make from which we can become professionals of Interpersonal relationships.

No doubt today the world is not what it was earlier. It is still in the chaos of #covid related #stress and strain. These have changed the human behaviour beyond our imagination. All of us are very familiar with the statement that human is asocial animal. He loves to move freely, travel extensively, interact freely in selected and sometimes even in unselected groups.

Imagine the scenario of a Pregnant Lady the mother.

If I am to ask you what this Lady must be thinking now looking at her tummy? Is she feeling the moments of the child inside? Is she imaging who it is going to be a baby boy or a baby girl as the case may be. Every moment of the child in her womb gives her the pleasure of “life growth” in her womb. As she experiences the “kicks” she gets every time from the turn of he fetus she gets the pleasure of nurturing a new life inside her. And the baby boy or girl enjoys every moment of its life inside the womb.

This is the beginning of the Interpersonal Relationship of the mother and the yet to be born child. And this is so till the baby boy or girl is born. How we wish that this relationship lasts forever in the same manner even after the child is born.

There are several believers of life that is born. As the Hindus believe it is the Brahma who as a creator gives the breadth of life to every life that is born. The newborn child and the mother have a link to each other as destined. The creator wants us both the mother and the child maintain this relationship for long years. That is the essence of any and every creation. That is how it should be. But does it remain so in real life?

There are several factors that play their role in shaping up or destroying this beautiful relationship of the mother and the child. As the child grows and the mother ages, there are so many factors that affect this relationship. These factors may be characterized as

  1. Genetic factors
  2. Environmental factors
  3. Acquired factors.

Each one of them affect the behaviour of each person. This is true even today. Currently with the restrictions that have come in due to the COVID related stress, strain and regulations, new factors have come to play their role.

We will examine some of these factors in the coming days. Keep reading and do ask your questions if any by contacting me at [email protected].


About the author: Mr. Ramprasad Varanasi

Mr. Ramprasad Varanasi has worked in the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry for 3 decades from the level of the Medical Representative to Vice President Marketing. He has more than 2 decades of consulting experience. During these years, he has specialized in testing and counselling many individuals, couples and groups of people working together in corporate teams with astonishing revelations and helped them lead a better life. He utilizes his Online Testing Tool XPRT- Excellent Personnel Relationships and XCEL- Excellent Customer Relationships to fathom the behaviors of Personnel working in Teams or individuals.

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